Monday Journal… 7 March 2016

It is that time of the week once again that I would give you my update on my world. The Monday Journal. I am not quite sure what to put here because it really looks like I have done nothing. Well, in a way this would be true, but this is not because I am being lazy about getting back into the swing of things. It is mainly due to the fact my blood sugar has been going absolutely crazy and I have been trying to control it. Turns out, really good food and diabetes do not really mix!

I think I have turned a corner when it comes to this, so hopefully I will get something done during the week ahead!

I actually managed to do some planning when it comes to my work in progress, and I have thought of the way that I want my climax to be written. Admittedly, I am still rather reluctant to get rid of my antagonist because I am really enjoying writing him. Dare I say it, I think I have actually started to fall in love with my character! It is probably just a shame it is not one of my protagonists 🙂

Anyway, I have started to join in with the weekly challenges that I have been participating in. If one goes by that you know I normally take part in, feel free to remind me that it is going on. I have probably forgotten it in all of my post-vacation insanity!

I managed to connect with a friend I made on the cruise, so I am incredibly happy with that! It turned out that I had just written the name wrong that I needed to be looking for on Facebook. It is surprising that something that silly can stop you being able to get in touch. I am just happy that I managed to connect using all my friends, it is surprising just how many are really paying attention to the things that I am posting on here… No matter how trivial. Makes me proud.

The strange thing about actually taking something off your bucket list, is that you find yourself wanting to do it all over again 🙂 I am just going to have to go back there sometime.

Hopefully, I will have more to update you all on next week!


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