Sunday photo fiction: Imagination


Rodney raised his hand straight up into the sky and waved it around for attention. “Miss, I have a question!”

Macy gave a sigh because this kid had seriously been causing her grief with his stupid questions. She turned to him with a fake smile. “What is it, Rodney?”

“Are these cannons?” His hand glided over the polished metal of the weapon in front of them.

“Please don’t touch the exhibits,” she said without even thinking about it. “Yes, these are the cannons that would be used to fire at the enemy ship.”

He withdrew his hand and his face turned from admiration to seeing a cannon, to confusion. “I don’t understand.”

“What don’t you understand?”

“Why would anybody want to be fired towards a ship? Surely they would just hit the side and fall off?”

“They weren’t firing people…” Macy began answering the boy, and then she thought better of it. Two could play at the imagination game, she considered. “They were firing highly trained ninjas, and they were able to get through the windows of the other ship. Once on board, they were able to secure the ship.”

She gave a triumphant smile and led the children forwards.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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