America, what are you doing?

I was going to have my tuppence worth about what is going on in America. I mean, seriously? I really can’t believe that Donald Trump could well up as your president. I am just gobsmacked with the fact that people keep voting for him when he has no real policies. I mean, all he talks about is himself, his money, and that he is going to keep winning.

But then I actually got to thinking.

Is it really going to affect me? I mean, obviously, on some level, he is going to affect me somewhere down the line because of foreign policy and all that jazz. That is reason enough for me to fear him, to be honest.

But, on a day-to-day level, whatever he does will have absolutely no impact on me. Unfortunately for everybody over the pond, you will be affected by anything he does or says. That will probably make the news look like some kind of comedy show. Yes America, the world is just going to be laughing at the mistake that you have made.

Of course, if we end up as Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister at some point in the future then everybody will be laughing at us as well!

Remember, You may call it an election, but the rest of the world is looking at it like an IQ test. Let’s face it, it doesn’t look like you are going to pass.

So, you know, carry on failing! Or maybe, you could try turning up for your elections and voting to make sure that you keep some form of sanity.

Mind you, you know who else is affected? Canada! That is why I am supporting

Find out about this by watching the video below:


7 thoughts on “America, what are you doing?

      1. It is very confusing. Each state has so many delegates (some states have more than others). The presidential candidates need to win these states in the primary elections (hopefully) get a total of 2,467 (I think that’s right) delegates in order to be the Presidential nominee for that party (this is for the Republican Party). The Republican nominee will go against the Democrat nominee in the final fall election. (The Democrat candidates will go through the same process). As far as Donald Trump being so popular – the reason is the American people are sick and tired of “politicians” (i.e., President Obama). They see “Politicians” as saying what the people want to hear but after being elected, they don’t follow through with their promises. I think they see Donald Trump as being “face value.” (What you see is what you get). As frightening as that seems. Basically, they are angry over the way the country has been run for the past 8 years. The way it looks, Donald Trump will be the Presidential Nominee for the Republican Party (unless Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasech win more delegates, which looks unlikely). In the Democrat party, it looks like Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton are pretty close in popularity but we will know more when they have their primaries.

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      2. You know the worst thing about this… I have no idea which party the president actually represents! This would give Donald Trump as well, although I assume they are the opposite party as they don’t actually seem to agree on anything!
        I suppose he would be face value, the thing is that he has actually said anything that he may actually stand for (apart from building a wall between America and Mexico… Oh, and not allowing any Muslims into the country.)
        I am not sure about politicians saying what people want to hear because Obama tends to say things so really unpopular.
        I guess you were just lucky that you are not likely to be voting in Kanye West because if you were I would be trying to find a way off the planet!


      3. LOL! I wouldn’t vote for Kanya West (not sure if I spelled that right). I think you are right about Donald Trump. Like you, I don’t understand where he stands on the issues but then, I don’t know where the others stand either because they have all been busy fighting each other! It’s horrible!! President Obama is with the Democratic Party (as well as, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders). Donald Trump (as well as, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasech) are with the Republican Party.

        (Democratic Party Presidents: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton)
        (Republic Party Presidents: George Bush (both); Ronald Regan).
        (Thought you might like to know that little bit of info.)
        The Democratic debates are tonight.

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