Things to be thankful for… 3 March 2016

Here is my list of five things for the week.


  1. Writing. I am so happy to get back in the swing when it comes to my writing! I have not yet got onto my work in progress but I have been enjoying doing various bits and pieces since my return from the cruise.
  2. Reading. I managed to get loads of reading done while I was on the cruise and that mainly involve finishing a box set of five books. I am currently reading a novella that I expect to finish quite quickly due to the length.
  3. Friends. Since my return, I realised that I could not find one of the friends that I met on the cruise. I decided to start a search for him, but basically had no expectations of finding him at all. Imagine my surprise when the post had a reach of nearly 400! I am pleased to say that I have now found my friend Matt 🙂
  4. Comments. I was very happy to return from my two weeks vacation to find that I had lots of comments to go through about all of the different posts that I had scheduled to post during my absence. I love going through what people think of what I have done, and a comment goes a long way to producing a very good mood!
  5. The Northern lights. I am so amazingly grateful to have managed to take something off of my bucket list, and I’m just sorry that they did not light up the sky more than one night. They were not expected on the night they arrived, and it was a simple fluke that I managed to be in the right place to see them. However, I am always going to be grateful that I saw them in the first place.


As promised, here are better pictures of them:

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