200 word story: Escape


If you are not afraid then there is something very wrong with you.

Samantha looked over the bridge and noted the vast expanse of it going over the canopy. Inexplicably, those words from her mother rang through her mind. Of course, her mother had not been talking about a bridge but more about the wedding day that Samantha was about to go through. It was probably meant as some kind of reassurance.

When she had been sent to get changed into her wedding dress, Samantha had merely jumped from the window of their jungle cabin and just walked until she got to the bridge.

Her disappearance would be discovered very soon, so she thought she did not even have a choice. She had to get moving. It was just a shame that her only escape route happened to be something that completely terrified her.

Mind you, the thought of marrying a complete stranger terrified her even more than the vast wooden bridge. She tried to focus on the very end and began putting one foot in front of another. Before she knew it she was calmly passing the various struts, and she knew that very soon she would reach safety.


Written with the prompt from Sonia

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