200 word story: Final duty



Why did this happen to me? It just seemed so completely unfair.

There was no use in complaining, of course, because it wasn’t just me it was happening to. As much as I felt alone in this battlefield who is all too aware that there were many people trudging about with the same gruesome task. Everything was silent, except for the occasional wail of despair when a target was discovered.

When I found my Michael, he had been completely destroyed. He was barely recognisable with that many cuts and the general mutilation of a dying corpse that had gone on. I felt myself sink to my knees as grief seemed to take the wind out of my sails. I knew what I was going to discover when I left that morning, but somehow I felt unprepared.

The order had been for the women to bury their men wherever they fell because there simply wasn’t any method of bringing them back. This is why we had all been sent with the crosses to mark the spot. I heard my own loss echoed around the poppy field.

Michael had promised forever, but I only had a year.

This war had ruined me.

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