Monday journal… 15 February 2016

Well, here we are at the start of another week! I can hardly believe that we are in the middle of February because it seemed like only yesterday that we were seeing in the New Year!
Anyway, I have very little to report to you about my work in progress. This is because I have been very busy planning my cruise and sorting everything out, like wheelchairs and such! Anyway, the cruise is tomorrow so I am going to be very quiet for the next two weeks.
Only I’m not. You see, I have been busy scheduling posts so that all of you have something to read while I am not here. These are mainly short stories although there are a few articles mixed in. Oh, and don’t forget my Friday fun videos 🙂 I hope you all enjoy the work I have scheduled for you to read. Mind you, please remember, I will not be commenting back because there is no Wi-Fi on the ship. I am not being rude or ignoring you, but I will have a good look at them when I come back.
I will give you a full report when it is over 🙂
So, until March, have fun!

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