Sunday photo fiction: Making an impression


Our parents had bought a house; a very big house. I am not sure why they wanted to make a statement like that to the people who already lived in the area. They just said we had to move into a bigger place.

I couldn’t see the logic in this because there were only four of us that were going to live in this massive house. Surely we did not need something as big as this.

My first sight of our ‘pets’ came while we were crunching up the drive, my brother and I, and rounded the corner. Our parents had already gone up ahead in the removal van. One word for that; lazy.

I stopped short when I saw them and grabbed my brothers hand. “Do you see what I do?”

“What have you stopped for, Harley? Holy crap!” Jacob was suddenly very still and staring at the fenced in area. “Are they rhinos? Or, a better question, are they ours?”

Just then our father walked round the corner and grinned at us. “I see you met our brand-new guard dogs.” As he spoke he nailed in a sign that read, ‘beware of the dogs’.

I rolled my eyes.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

14 thoughts on “Sunday photo fiction: Making an impression

  1. If you can train rhinos to guard your house and the can still live in their natural habitat, why not. Seems like everybody benefits from this arrangement. And the family can make sure no one tries to kill the rhinos for their tusks. Great piece.

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