#3LineTales: The bridge


“Don’t look down, look straight ahead and keep walking,” her friend told her encouragingly.

As she gained confidence, her friend behind started rocking the bridge.

The thin wood started snapping, causing her friend to scream for help, but Sarah kept walking and looking straight ahead.

Written for #3LineTales

15 thoughts on “#3LineTales: The bridge

  1. Well done Sarah for holding her nerve – I hope she makes it across safely and gives her friend the fright of her/his life. Great lines, Angie – thanks for joining in again 🙂

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  2. That’s a friend you don’t want to be on a rickety bridge with! Be interesting to see if one or two people make it to the other side, or if Sarah is standing alone on the other side … A great interpretation of the phot prompt 🙂


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