Things I am thankful for… February 10, 2016

Here is my list of five things for the week:

1. Writing. I have not got much done this week, but I certainly appreciate every single word that I have managed to get down on paper.
2. Reading. As you have probably noticed, since I managed to get the review done, I have finished my piece of reading of the last train. I really enjoyed this piece of writing and it would go highly recommended 🙂
3. Concerts. I have been to 2 different concerts this week. First up was the Carnival of madness at Wembley. I really enjoyed this but I did think that the best band of the night was Shinedown and that they should have headlined. The second one was to go and see Bowling for Soup who were our amazing live!
4. Music. Without music I would not have done the above 🙂 I always like being introduced to new bands, hint!
5. Followers. Where would I be with out my wonderful followers? I appreciate each and every one of you 🙂


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