FFfAW: Lover ‘s bench

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ady. Thank you Ady!

Bobby smirked as he put down the brush. The bench looked truly ridiculous painted in bright red in comparison to the surroundings of the park. He had finished it off by painting the supports in white. Nobody was going to sit there now. He turned off the torch and waited until morning when people would discover his handiwork.

That would teach the council for putting out the bench within eyesight of his garden. Bobby did not want people around at all, so defacing the bench seemed like an obvious solution.

However, when morning broke, people started milling about and pointing to the bench. Bobby crept closer, assuming they would be talking about how much they hated it. He needed to hear that they were going to go nowhere near it in the future so he would be alone.

What he learnt was that everybody was loving the colours because it was so close to Valentine’s Day.

Nobody even suspected it was the grumpy old man who had painted it.

Written for flash fiction for aspiring writers

29 thoughts on “FFfAW: Lover ‘s bench

  1. This is funny Angie. The old guy was trying to deface the bench. In actuality, he made it look better for Valentine’s Day. Looks like more people will be coming around.

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  2. Not quite what Bobby had had in mind! Oh dear, I don’t suppose a grumpy old man would have thought of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps he just needs to learn to be a little more sociable. Nicely written and enjoyable story. 🙂

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