Monday journal… 8 February 2016

I can hardly believe that it is a Monday already and time to write up my weekly little journal. The week seemed to go past so fast these days and there seems so little to talk to you about. Mainly because my time has been taken up with getting ready to go on the cruise. (Eight days to go!)

I have been working on my work in progress although this does not show in the figures. This is because I have had to restart the scene several times because it just wasn’t working. However, I think I have found the direction that it needs to go in so I am back to the writing process. Hopefully, I will get something done this week so there is something to tell you about.

Maybe I will post the bit I am working on so I can see whether or not it works. Not sure, though, because if you do not know the rest of the story, then it will not really make any sense. I guess I will just have to keep working on it. Wish me luck!

I am going to have to try and find some pictures to write stories on, so that when I leave you for two weeks I can schedule them to post. Now I have actually got plenty of followers (I still can’t get over the fact that I have crossed the 300 follower mark!) I don’t want to lose them just because I am going on holiday 🙂 I also don’t want to re-blog myself, and I will never understand why people would do that. Trust me, any of my posts is what I would consider new!

You never know, the challenges this week might prove really inspiring and I might write two stories about the picture. Watch this space!

Everything else going on in my world has been about the cruise. I think everything is in place now and everything should go okay. I have got myself one of those wristbands that are supposed to stop you feeling seasick. I will let you know whether or not that works when I get back! I should think, with all these storms going on around the UK that the sea could be choppy so this band could have it’s work cut out!

It still hasn’t sunk in that within a couple of weeks I should have seen the Northern lights. That is just, wow! It is something that has been on my bucket list for a very long time.

So, until next week keep on doing whatever it is you are doing 🙂

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