Sunday photo fiction: Going home


“Are we there yet?” The small voice from the back of the car broke Martin’s attention on that crucial corner. He glared into the mirror at the speaker.

Beside him, a calm -looking woman simply tapped on the dashboard. “Honey, I think you have just missed the turning.”

Martin gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. “I know!” He looked at the road, trying to see which way was going to be best in order to get back on track. He was wondering whether or not to take the next turning, but it almost looked like that would take him back to the docks where they had just come from.

“Look, just carry on driving and I will tell you when I think you need to turn.”

He sighed in agreement and ordered himself to relax. “Okay Donna, I will leave this up to you. Why on earth did they have to make the road so confusing?”

“Are we there yet?”

“Timothy, we have only just left the boat!” Martin twisted in his seat in order to confront the small boy. “Of course, we are not there yet.”

Why was it the end of holidays were always stressful?

Written for Sunday photo fiction

17 thoughts on “Sunday photo fiction: Going home

  1. Great take Angie and extremely true to life. Plus, nothing to make driving more difficult then a kid who won’t be quite in the back seat. Good thing a lot of cars have screens in the back seat and even have wifi so you could potentially give your kid a tablet, and hopefully, he/she wouldn’t be so bothersome. 🙂

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