Gratitude journal… 3 February 2016

Here is my list of five things for the week 🙂

Writing. I really hope that a week will not go past when I am not grateful to have been writing. If that week actually happens then I think I will have to give up writing altogether. Let’s hope I never get there 🙂 my work in progress is really coming along, and it is definitely a joy to work on at the moment 🙂

Reading. I have actually managed to get quite a bit of reading done over the last seven days, and being tucked up with a really good book is something that I really enjoy doing.

Family. My nephew, Cosmo, turned four over the weekend and there was a bit of a party for him. Unfortunately, on the same day I brother decided that he was going to get Appendicitis and get it removed. It seemed that he wanted some of the attention going his way 🙂

Comments. I have had some really nice comments over the past week, so please keep them all coming as I really appreciate them 🙂

Looking forward. The cruise is only 13 days away, so I am happily celebrating that fact!

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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