FFftPP: Going back


“The last time, everything fit in three duffles…”

My memory returned me to the age of 10, when we were all getting ready for a family holiday in Spain.

I grinned at the three bags tucked neatly into the boot of the car. Today was the day I had been waiting for. Today was the day I was going to return to my childhood holiday destination. I had found the name of the apartment complex we stayed in, so we were going to go and spend holiday time there.

My wife and children were less keen about a holiday that meant every single modern gadget was going to get left behind. But I was determined. This was going to be a proper family holiday.

It was a long drive, but when we arrived it was to discover the building have been deserted a long time ago. Disillusioned, I took my three bag family to the nearest hotel.

“Sorry, I just wanted everything to be the same way it was. It was such a gorgeous apartment block once…”

My wife put her hand in mine. “I have seen the pictures. We are here, now. So, let’s make the most of it!”

Written for: flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner

19 thoughts on “FFftPP: Going back

  1. It’s too bad the building wasn’t a nice place anymore, that I was deserted and the area went to ruin. Sad when that happens. Although, sometimes in our memories places were better in the memory then they actually were in real life.


  2. It’s sad that the place of his happy childhood memories is gone. At least his wife has the right attitude – hopefully they’ll all be able to enjoy their holiday and make some wonderful new memories. 🙂 Lovely story, Angie.

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