Monday Journal… 25 January 2016

It is time to kickstart yet another week! Although, I kind of feel like Garfield this week…


This is probably because I do not really have very much to report in this week’s Journal. You see, my work in progress is kind of stalled, because I spent my time thinking about that piece of work which I did during the week, not meant to be. The thing would just not leave my head and till I had written it up, and so I was really struggling to write the scene in which I was working on. (They have nothing in common!)

I have managed to do a bit on my work in progress, but just nowhere near the amount that I want to get done. On the plus, I have reached the 80,000 word mark. So, I am celebrating in my own little way about that one. I will be celebrating a lot more when I have finished it of course.

I won a six word story challenge over the weekend, and this is the first for me. I have never really considered myself to be any good at this micro-fiction lark. Apparently, I am better than I thought because I came first! I was celebrating big-time when I realised that I had come first. Mind you, I do not enter things in order to win, but just to have fun having a go. Most of the things that I enter are not competitions, so winning something was really big in my mind! (Even though it is only a picture, that I can place on my blog!)


Other than that, I been extremely busy sorting out everything that I am going to need for the cruise in front of me. Does anybody who has ever been on one have any advice for me? It would really be appreciated, because I really have no idea what I am going to experience! It is very difficult to pack and organise something when you don’t know what you are getting ready for! Anyway, this is probably going to take up much of my time.

I am still trying to get some reading done, do my work in progress, sort out my trip, get on housing lists, sort out my wheelchair, being played around by Dragon, and getting ready to have a room decorated. Really, I generally feel like:


So, I had better finish this and get on with everything! I will check in with everybody next week, and hopefully be a bit less frazzled!


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