Sunday photo fiction: Undercover


I felt the wind in my face. I stretched out my arms and flapped them as if I was a bird.

Nobody was ever going to believe me, but I was actually flying. I could hardly believe it myself as I started to look round at the London skyline.

It had to be a dream, because there was no way in the world I had just discovered the ability to fly. I had been working on it for some time, of course, but all of that had been in secret to comply with the government wishes. I couldn’t even remember the last few moments, and so I started to think about what had just happened.

Arguing, anger, physical fighting, breaking glass…

Then I realised, I was actually falling having been pushed out of the window. All because I did not believe in the latest government plans I was supposed to work on in the shard. Everything had been completely undercover, and everyone just assumed I was going to work in a usual office job.

It was a good thing I had been working on the idea of setting down. So, I swallowed the pill I held, and landed completely safely.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

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