Miniature writing challenge: That magic beat

Ebony decided that it was too quiet, and so she started the music. Everything came to life and seem to work with the musical beat, including her workers. Even the usually slow to move Bob nodded his head. Everything seemed to happen with music. It was almost magical to see the effect that a simple beat had on an ordinary, if boring, work day.

She had to smile as it all ran faster. It almost seemed that she was using her whip less.

This was how the ancient Egyptians started to use the beat of the drum to motivate workers.

Written for miniature writing challenge

7 thoughts on “Miniature writing challenge: That magic beat

    1. It’s a bit worrying that that was my first thought when I thought about music! Mind you, I always work better to music myself, although I have never been a slave, and never been tempted to keep any! Thanks for reading.


      1. Hahaha! That is funny that is what came into your mind. I use to enjoy playing music at work too. I worked in a huge office all by myself so I could “almost” play it as loud as I wanted and anything I wanted. Although, sometimes my boss would come in and tell me to change my music. Haha! I never did. (He couldn’t stand my CD of “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.” LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I guess I am lucky now because I am my own boss and can listen to what I like! Although I do like the idea of tormenting somebody with something that they just don’t like 🙂


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