Things I am thankful for… 20 January 2016

Here is my list of five things for my burst of midweek positivity:

  1. Writing. This always seems to be a big part of my week that I am thankful for. I just really enjoy spending the time on my own and being creative. It is just something that I really enjoy doing 🙂
  2. Reading. I have found some time during the week to catch up with my reading. At the moment I am reading a box set of books called forest of the forbidden. I have finished one book already, and am quite close to finishing the second book, I believe. I will not do a review until I have finished the whole series as the books are so short.
  3. Comments. I really enjoy reading the comments I receive on my work, or anything else that I choose to share. Keep them coming 🙂 Remember, I am not going to bite your head off if you choose to be critical, so feel free to give an honest opinion.
  4. Dragon dictate. I never thought that I would say this, because, in general, the misunderstandings that it decides to print up drive me absolutely insane. However, the new version is a lot better, and I am starting to get used to what it does.
  5. Looking forward. It is going to be cruise time very soon 🙂

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