Monday journal… 18 January 2016

Okay, it is Monday all over again so it is time to bring you all up to speed in my own little world.

My work in progress has not really moved on a lot this week, because I have spent a lot of time wondering just how to go forward with the scene I am working on. I just know that at some point it is all going to come together, but for now this is completely alluding me.

I am still yet to think of a catchy title to go with it, but I’m sure something will come to me when I finish it.

I have really been enjoying the challenges that I am taking part in, and one of them may have led to an idea for a future NaNoWriMo project. I am actually quite excited about this one, and I’m looking forward to sitting and thinking of the various ideas I could use. If you are interested then it is the story called Young fools.

There is not much else, writing -wise, to tell you about in this weekly journal.

During the week, I achieved the highest number of likes on my blog.

On Friday January 15, 2016, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on AngieTrafford. That’s pretty awesome, well done!

Most Likes in One Day

Current Record: 42

Old Record: 41


So, as you can imagine, I am pretty happy about that 🙂 let’s see if I can keep that level up in the future. Mind you, first I have to figure out what I may have done that people really liked, and then replicate it!

You know I was celebrating about getting a doctor to listen to me? Well, that kind of blew up in my face… Well, partly anyway. Never mind, it is something that I have got used to over the years 🙂

Not much else is being happening, because I’ve been too busy trying to organise my February. Yes, cruise time! I have never actually been on a cruise before and so I am sure I am wearing down people with my seemingly obvious questions. They are not obvious to me! Anyway, I know that I am going to enjoy the time there, and I am sure that everything is going to be worth it. Not only that, but hopefully, I am going to take something off my bucket list. Yes, the Northern lights.

Anyway, see you all next week 🙂


5 thoughts on “Monday journal… 18 January 2016

  1. Sounds like you have some good plans and good week ahead. I have never been on a cruise but both my parents have a few times and they enjoyed them. I would recommed going to your Doctor and getting these little patches you can stick behind your ear for sea sickness. My Mom did feel a bit queasy at times when she didn’t use these. I hope you have fun Angie.

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