Book review: the good knight – Sarah Woodbury


The good knight is apparently a mediaeval mystery. However, it lacks any detail that would make it incredibly mediaeval. The only thing really is that they all go out on horseback and there are castles involved. Saying that though, the characters are incredibly likeable and the story is very good. You can’t forgive the lack of detail about surroundings, smells, or lack of any facilities.

This is the second story that I have read by this author, and, you think I would have learnt the first time, that you really need to know Welsh history in order to get into this. I suppose that I considered the story would be more fictitious rather than factually based. Some of the characters in Welsh history do appear in here and so a piece of knowledge would have been helpful. I knew nothing about the people involved, or what their relationship would be to each other or indeed Wales. Despite that though, the story was interesting enough to be able to hold my attention.

Well, I did find it a bit of a struggle to begin with because I know nothing about anything that they were talking about. However, by the end of the first half I really enjoyed this book and was really warming to the characters.

The whole thing is definitely well worth reading if you enjoy the idea of a mystery solving pair who make the unlikeliest of duo’s. You have to suspend your own disbelief that the daughter of a bard would become spy to a prince.

The writing is very good, and I cannot fault that. I don’t know whether or not this was historically accurate, but, probably.

In the end, I gave this three out of five stars because I do like the characters of Gwen and Gareth. I would definitely recommend this book if you know anything about Wales, or think you would enjoy what is essentially a romance hidden in a mystery.


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