FFftPP: Young fools

 ” We were within a mile-and-a-half of the service roads when we found it.”

I just couldn’t believe my luck, and all but screamed as I ran towards it. “Oh my God, Alan, it actually exists!”

He jogged up to the spot, the grin splitting his face, so I realised he was just as excited as me. “I can’t believe it! That daft old man was telling the truth.”

“The last one in is a loser!” I flicked off my shoes and my jacket.

Not surprisingly, Alan ran faster than I did and he hit the water first. It had the opposite effect from what we had been told, but it was too late for me to stop myself.

It was not exactly a slow death, but as I looked into the sky I realised why there were vultures circling. The last thing I saw was the old man laughing to himself.

“Young idiots believe anything. Fountain of youth indeed. Honestly.” He shuffled away and left his pets to feed.


Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner


22 thoughts on “FFftPP: Young fools

  1. Very creepy.The fountain of youth kills you. I always thought there had to be something wrong a story about a fountain which granted you more life. Something like the fruit which Eve at in the garden of Eden, People think it’s good, it will make things better. But it makes things worse, kills you in this case. Well written Angie.


  2. I love the twist. The “Fountain of Youth” aging people to near death is horrifying, especially that it doesn’t actually kill them, it just leaves them defenseless with the vultures circling.


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