Things I am thankful for… 13 January 2016

It is that time again 🙂

Here is my list of five things:

  1. Writing. I am really enjoying my experience of writing the last few scenes of my work in progress. All I need now is the title! I have never been very good at thinking of titles, and now I just can’t think of one that sums up my story. Maybe it will come to me in the last few lines.
  2. Reading. I recently finished a book called the good knight, and will probably get round to doing a review of it. I have now started to read a set of books, so will keep you updated on my progress.
  3. Memories. I am sure that we will have all had those memories that bring a smile to your face. I am also sure that you have all experienced them in the last week. This will be due to David Bowie and his recent passing, but, I have got to say that all of the memories have been really good to relive.
  4. Friends. Largely linked to the above 🙂 Without them, there would be no memories in the first place!
  5. The cruise. Four weeks to go, time to properly get excited! I have never been on a cruise before, so I know that this is going to be a great experience.

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