Monday journal… 12 January 2016

I know it is a Tuesday, but I am going to do my Monday journal anyway. It is not my fault that I could not complete this yesterday, but rather the fault of technology. You see, in my wisdom I had decided to buy wireless headphones so that I could dictate a lot easier than I can when I am tethered to the computer. However, my computer did not want to play ball. First of all, I could not find Bluetooth on my computer even though it is pretty new. (Made all the more frustrating by the fact that I have a Bluetooth mouse so I am well aware that it can handle Bluetooth). So, I went and bought a dongle so that I could enable Bluetooth from there. When I received this, it was reading my headphones fine and I managed to get them paired. The next day, my computer deleted Bluetooth completely and would not let me reinstall it. Later that day randomly let me use the headphones once again and everything seemed to be fine. After restarting the computer, it turned out that everything was gone again and this time was not coming back. I eventually managed to get it to reinstall, but now it will read everything except my headphones.

I have given up now, and am back to using the old fashion wired ones.

With that little bit of frustration out of my way, I am back into the way of writing. Mind you, because of this little issue I am now very much behind with my writing schedule for the month. Typical, because I will not meet it in February whatever I do as I am going on the cruise. I have recently found out that there is no Wi-Fi on the boat, so will not even be able to post anything when I am out there. Two weeks of complete Internet silence coming your way! (I will try and schedule a few things to try and keep my followers interested!)

Where was I? Oh yes, my work in progress. I am now at 78,000 words, but, in the way that everything seems to go, I have deviated from my own plan and am now a little bit lost in my writing. I will just have to hope that my characters can light the way to the ending from where I am. Here’s hoping 🙂

I am still doing those challenges, and am really enjoying them. My only hope is that my readers are enjoying them as much as I am.

Sadly this week I lost my very first like on Facebook. I would love to know why, but I’m pretty sure that I never will. I hope it wasn’t the challenges that I have been posting, but then, you never know. Not that I am going to stop doing them, because I really enjoyed them and believe that they are helping me when it comes to writing the longer piece.

There is not much else to tell you about everything that has been going on. Just know this… Technology hates me! Anyway, see you next week. (Hopefully the Monday!)


5 thoughts on “Monday journal… 12 January 2016

  1. Nice update Angie. Goodluck with Bluetooth and increasing your Facebook following. Also with your novel, 78000 words is awesome.


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