Sunday photo fiction: Outside


“What are we doing all the way down here?” Sandy was complaining again, because she was somewhere that she did not want to be. Outside. It felt like they were miles from anywhere, and she could not understand why her boyfriend, Trevor, would want to bring her here.

Trevor sighed. All of his plans were going wrong, simply because he had not found the tree that he was looking for. Once she saw the etching in the wood it would be fine. “I just want to show you something.”

“Can you just show me a picture?” Sandy lent back against the nearby hut as she readjusted her scarf. “It is so remote out here, I feel like I have been cut off from the world.” To make her point she fished her phone out of her pocket to show Trevor the blank screen. “There is not even a mobile signal.”

Trevor had not even noticed the hut before now. “I think we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. It seems a shame to waste such a remote location, though.” He pushed her back into the hut hoping to get laid. Maybe the trip wasn’t a complete waste after all.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

21 thoughts on “Sunday photo fiction: Outside

  1. Sandy doesn’t seem quite in the mood, to me, so I hope this goes well. Otherwise he might not get a chance to show her that tree after all! Note to self: next time don’t choose a tree in such a remote location. 😉

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