FFftPP: Downstairs


“It seemed a good idea at the time?”

 The weary bartender spoke to nobody in particular as he wondered, for the hundredth time, why he had opened the bar in the basement area of a busy shopping mall. Naturally, he had assumed that everything would be like it was on the television series, Cheers. You know, a fun place to work with interesting regulars.

In reality, it was nothing like that. It seemed that TV had lied about the whole experience of owning a bar in the basement.

It was not that it wasn’t busy, because it was definitely a busy environment. It was just that there were no regulars to speak of. Not only that, but the owner had yet to fall in love with an employee. The only people who wanted to work here were people not really bothered about love, as they had already settled down.

Just when he was thinking about packing it all in, and heading off into the catering lark, a young, attractive woman walked down the stairs. “I am here about the job?”

James looked up to the light bulbs, and sent a thank you towards them. Maybe his luck was finely changing.

Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner

15 thoughts on “FFftPP: Downstairs

  1. Never expect your bar to be the same as the bars on television. LOL! I’m happy that his luck is changing now that a young, attractive woman has come for a job. Hopefully, now, his dream will come true!

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  2. It looks like his luck is about to change. If nothing else, she will probably help bring in some regular customers and he may get acquainted with one of them. He has a chance of it anyway. Great story. 🙂

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