Brian looked into the mirror in complete dismay. He hated losing a bet, especially one making him look stupid. He had thought that this bet was not possible to lose, but lose it he had, and now he had to face consequences.

He could already hear his friends laughing at him when he stepped outside. He grimaced as he put the final touches to his outfit. This is something that he did not want to do, but, at the same time, he was a complete perfectionist so he had to ensure that the outfit was correct.

“You ready in there?”

“Fuck off, Gary.”

“How very seasonal of you.”

“Do one.” Brian sighed, knowing that he could put this off no longer. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” He turned towards Gary. “There many out there?”


Brian took hold of the package that Gary was holding out for him. It was the final piece of the costume, and, to Brian, it signified the final nail in the coffin. His shoulders slumped forwards in defeat, marginally before the fake grin burst forwards. “Let’s do this.”

Gary open the door to walk into the room. “Look kids!”

“Ho Ho Ho, it’s me, Santa!


Written for Sunday photo fiction

20 thoughts on “Reluctance

  1. Thanks for describing the realities. Christmas is often commercial in unexpected ways. Hard to imagine this Father Christmas doing a great job though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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