Erect lights

I thought I would have a go at what is described as the best Christmas flash fiction challenge ever.

You went to a site that generated random titles, and I got erect lights. As my mind is permanently in the gutter, you will not be surprised by the story that I came up with!

Without further ado, this is my 100 word story.

– –

It had been a very long Christmas Eve delivering presents for Santa. He was getting far too old this, and all he wanted to do was have some cocoa. This is why he had left instructions with the elves to put up decorations while he was gone. As he arrived back in Iceland he just stared at the lighting on the roof of his building.

He twisted towards the elf standing proudly nearby. “Care to explain?”

“We only did what was on the list, Sir.”

Santa turned the same colour as his suit. “It said, erect lights, not erect penis!”

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