Monday journal… 7 December 2015

Can you actually believe that it is a Monday already? It comes around so fast these days, and I almost fell like nothing has happened that I am able to update everybody on! However, more has probably happened than what I realise, so I should probably go ahead and get everybody up to speed. (Including me!)

My work in progress does not seem to have progresse very far in the past week, but I am always thinking about it and trying to work out had to get it to its own natural conclusion. I am hoping to give it a bit of a boost word count wise in the next week, but, we shall just see how that one works out!

I have been doing quite a lot planning, which is very unusual for me as I am what is known as a panster. For anybody not in the know, that is someone who flies by the seat their pants when it comes to writing. I actually tend to let the characters write the story for me, rather than dictating the way I wanted to go. Yes, I am the person that is surprised by my own story and the direction it goes in. It is a very unusual experience when it comes to writing a chapter that you did not even know was going to exist. An example for this, using my work in progress, would be the chapter I wrote about Alice confronting her own mother in a dream. (I actually thought that she was going to do this in person, and a bit later on in the story!) If I had been the kind of writer who did not let the character write the stories themselves then this scene would never have happened. I actually really like the way that this turned out, so, in many ways, I am glad that I am a panster.

Also, I am not the most organised of people, and so, planning just would not work out for me.

I am enjoying my work in the flash fiction challenges that I have been taking part in. Especially the micro-fiction, as this is something that I have never even contemplated doing. I am amazed that you can make something creative out of only a few words. I hope everybody else is enjoying it as well 🙂

When I am not writing, I tend to keep myself extremely busy. I have been out booking tickets once again, and so next year I am going to be seeing the Carnival of madness, bowling for soup, Muse, the rocky horror show, and, of course, the cruise to see the Northern lights. I am currently debating whether to book for download 2016. Not sure yet.

I am always interested to hear if anybody has anything else planned. Also, feel free to let me know what your opinions on my writing are. I always appreciate a comment or two on my work, and I certainly will not bite if you want to tell me that it is not my best. I would take anybody’s opinion, and hopefully use it to make me a better writer. Feel free to tell me anything.

Until next week, have a good one 🙂


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