First trip

This is my entry into this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge.

The image we were given is below:


My 200 word story follows:

– –

So proudly he stood there while his dad gave him his very first fishing rod. It was a bit of a family tradition that the rod was presented in almost a formal ceremony when the son turned the tender age of thirteen.

You see, this was considered the age that the child would start fishing by themselves. Since fishing was the family business to the Martin’s it was a very proud moment when Sam was given his very own fishing rod.

The next morning would see his very first fishing trip, and he wanted to show his dad he was going to be the best fisherman the bay had ever seen. Sam stood on the deck beside his father, and cast off like some kind of professional. His dad was watching with pride when he received his first bite. Sam was struggling to reel it in, so he knew, in a childlike way, that it was going to be a very big fish.

“I am going to make you so proud, dad!”

Sam should have kept his mouth shut, because, as soon as he had spoken his catch landed with an almighty clatter on the boat. It was a tyre.

17 thoughts on “First trip

  1. Laughing, but feeling sad for the son. Such an exciting time, only to turn to disappointment. However, there is something that may be considered good about it….when the child gets grown…there will be many laughs about his first catch! He’s not laughing now, but will get a kick out of it later in life.

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