A farewell

This is an entry into a special flash fiction for aspiring writers that has been dedicated to honoured the memory of Barbara Beacham who was the host of Mondays finish the story.

The prompt will be sadly missed.


“Looks like a storm is brewing,” the man commented as he gestured towards the waves. “Don’t worry, though, the lighthouse will keep the ships on their path.”

“That would be the least of my worries. You see, that ship out there has a very good captain at the wheel. Barbara has always set many on the right path by giving them their first line.”

“Sounds like a very wise woman.”

I nodded my head, although, in truth, I barely knew the woman. However, there were definitely times that she set me on my own path by giving me that line. “I always found it an honour to join in those Monday games.”

When the bright light of the lighthouse moved to shine over the water once again, the space was empty.

This was one story that nobody else got to finish.


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