Number twenty-two

This is by response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge. In this challenge we are given a picture, and asked to complete a story of up to 200 words inspired by the image.

This is the image that we were provided:


As usual my tale is exactly 200 words:

It probably looked like some insignificant door decoration on that house along that street, but there was a very clear story behind it. You see, once there had been a great lion who was kept as a pet by the resident. The decoration had been made, not as a simple status declaring ownership, but as a warning to any potential burglars. It was the equivalent of a โ€˜beware of the dog signโ€™.

One night a burglar fancied his chances inside the fancy building of number twenty-two. So, he had set about picking the locks, before entering the dark household. He was creeping around, completely unaware that he was being watched by great green eyes. Sadly, the young man remained unaware until it was too late.

Cedric, the lion, had felt those natural hunter urges kick in and had been stalking this interesting piece of prey that had been granted to him. Of course, the general belief of the family was that he had acted out of some kind of loyalty when he attacked the burglar. They were forgetting one thing though, and that was, Cedric was nothing but a big cat.

Everybody knows that cats are only loyal to themselves.

6 thoughts on “Number twenty-two

  1. The lion had an advantage..he did not get excited about the intruder so…no growling and certainly no “barking” that could have alerted the thief. Too bad the burglary chose the lion’s dinner time to come steal something. Nice story.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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