I thought that I had read everything daft coming out of America, but it seemed that I was wrong. So, yes, another rant!

What is the big deal exactly about the cup that the chain are using? I am failing to understand the importance of what is on a cup. It is not like the spirit of Christmas is anything to do with a picture of Santa, or snowflakes, or whatever on earth was on that original Starbucks cup.

Just because there is no vision of snowflakes, it does not mean that there is a war on Christmas. Christmas trees are decorated in red, so a red cup is not exactly anti-Christmas. (With the green and white logo embellished on it, it is perfectly fitting with the colours of Christmas). Surely, whatever is on the cup does not make that coffee taste any different. (Or even, for a coffee hater like me, better!)

Starbucks is all about inclusion, so generating a cup that is more to do with the spirit of the season, is exactly the kind of thing that they would want to do. I mean, they don’t exactly want to be pictured as anti-anything at all. Considering the amount of people that go across to their doorway every day to buy their drinks, it is nothing other than a marketing ploy.

Saying that though, it is actually a very clever idea. Nobody is going to be offended by a colour, so calling it a holiday rather than Christmas is something that you think they would be doing.

What they did not bank on, was that some people took offence to the colour red. Now there is even talk of boycotting the store because of the colour of their cup. It seems that whatever the company are going to try, it is going to upset some people. Those people would be considered extremist if another religion was involved.

The argument could not be better summed up then it was by Ellen. Listen to just how silly this argument sounds:


4 thoughts on “Starbucks

  1. Yes, maybe that was the whole idea in the first place. Frankly, I think the whole society has gone over-board on this word …offended! I get tired of all the talk about being offended….people need to grow up and face differences in a different way. How in the world did we get through life this long without all the talk about being offended? Unfortunately, the matter is getting worse and worse. If you disagree with someone, you offend them… do you get around that? Our freedom of speech and religious expressions are quickly being depressed.

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    1. Very true. Political correctness is a new thing, and people use it as a weapon when it suits them. However, it is being ignored by some as the cup is PC and inclusive. War on Christmas… FFS! Thanks for adding your thoughts.


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