Is is my response to this week’s flash fiction for aspiring writers prompt. In this prompt you are given a picture and asked to write a small piece of fiction inspired by the image.

This week’s image is as follows:


And this is the story that I have come up with: (125 words)

– –


“Right, that’s it!” Nicola undid her seatbelt and stormed out of the car. “Marvin, you are really not a good driver. Stop reversing into parking bays, because you just cannot reverse!”

“Come on, Nicola, you know I am not that bad.”

From the pavement the young woman glared into the coloured car. “You might want to look at your own rooftop before you go making a comment like that.”

When he reached the privacy of his own driveway, Marvin noticed that a window box had neatly landed on his roof after he had reversed into a wall. He began to laugh as he saw the point that Nicola had been making.

Well, at least he had flowers to give her when she got there!

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