The trees power

This is my response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge. In this challenge you are given a photo and asked to write a short story that is based on the picture in some way.

This is the picture that we were given:


I wrote a 200 word story based on this picture, and this is below:

– –

“Mummy, why are all of the trees dying?” A small child was talking as he pulled on his mother’s sleeve.

“Steve, honey, they are not dying. The trees have all got together and decided that we deserve a really good show. So, they started transforming themselves every autumn into colours of red and yellow before they drop all of their leaves in a brilliant display.”

“Will they not be cold?”

The young woman smiled indulgently down at the child. “They use magic to keep themselves warm. They pull up heat from the ground, because you know that the centre of the earth is very warm.”

“I wish that I had that magic.”

They walked away, completely oblivious to the fact that somebody had been listening to their conversation. That somebody had been me, the great oak tree.

It was certainly true that the trees were not dying, but the bit about magic was completely made up. I mean, yes, we do use magic, but just not to keep ourselves warm. Instead we use our power to listen to people, and occasionally grant wishes.

From today, Steve found that he was able to keep himself warm on those cold winter days.


24 thoughts on “The trees power

  1. Nice switch of perspective. One tiny crit, if this woman was talking to a small child I’m not sure she’d use a word like “transforming” – sounds a bit grown up. See you next week.

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  2. Nice take. I loved the POV of the tree. “Instead we use our power to listen to people, and occasionally grant wishes.” I agree. Trees are magic!

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