Call the Doctor…

This is my entry into this week’s flash fiction for aspiring authors challenge. In this challenge you are given a picture and asked to write a story of up to 175 words. This week’s picture was provided by Sonya.

This is the picture:


My story is 168 words long this week.

– –

The door burst open and the young man staggered into the pub that he had exited a few minutes before. “Oh my God! It is really true and they are out to kill us all!”

The bartender continued in his task of washing the glasses without looking up. “What are you talking about, Gary? You left here to go home, or did you just forget?”

Gary shook his head, and briefly resembled some kind of shaggy dog trying to shake off water. “I have to go home through the graveyard. I am not even joking with you, Terry, but that statue of an angel just moved.”

Terry heaved a sigh, and walked around the bar to take the customer by the arm and propel them towards the door. “Every night we go through this, Gary. You have simply been watching too much Doctor Who.”

However he was silenced when he opened the door to reveal a stone statue placed just outside. Neither of the men dared to blink.

– –

This was either going to be a story inspired by Doctor Who, or Dominion. The Dominion were worked out to be a bit too long, so I may use it on something else! Who can tell?

21 thoughts on “Call the Doctor…

    1. Doctor Who had a good few episodes about weeping angel statues that would move if you were not looking at them. So basically, you did not turn your back, or even blink order to remain safe. But, yes, finding out that Gary was telling the truth all the time was the entire point! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great story. An especially unique take. I liked it very much. I don’t watch Dr. who but I’ve seen a few episodes with my brothers who loved him.

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