On the edge

This is my response to this week’s Mondays finish the story challenge. In this challenge you are given a picture and first line of a story and asked to complete it.

This weeks image is:


My story is below:

– –

Finish the story begins with:   “She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge.”

Cassie was broke. So the reason that she was considered to be living on the edge was because she did things like dustbin dive, and the other extreme money-saving techniques that most people would consider was putting your own health at risk.

Cassie did not agree with this, because she had never felt as good as she did when she found something of value in the dustbin. What sane people with throwaway perfectly good food?

Of course, it was not only food that you could find. One day, she actually found money. Cassie saved those two shiny silver coins even though there were from a different country.

It was often a conversation starter when people came around her house. You know, “look at the amazing things that people throw away!”


18 thoughts on “On the edge

  1. Dustbin diving sounds like dumpster diving! I have seen shows about people that actually eat the food they find in dustbins (dumpsters) YUCK! I think they should do a follow up show to see if they are still alive. LOL! Those two nickles are probably worth a LOT of money because they are so old. Great story Angie!

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  2. Lot’s of folks make a living dumpster diving. In the right neighborhood anything is possible! Food though, couldn’t do it, well, maybe I could, if there was no other way. I think then you’ll do about anything. Well done!

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