Beneath our feet

This is my response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge. In this challenge you are given a photo that is used to inspire a short piece of fiction.

This is the photo that we were given:


This is the 200 word story that I have written:

– –

During the excavation the scientists found the hole and started to build theories as to what it would be. What they did not know was that many years previously it was as much of a mystery as it was today.

In today’s world the theory in practice was it was a well that had been built in mediaeval times. It was considered that it would have been impossible for people to build such a structure in that time. However, is the ever done seemed to mount up that the well was indeed a mediaeval structure.

What people did not know, or just did not see, was that the simple hole was not something that had been made from above. It was not something that people would use to make their own life better. No. A little bit of digging more would have brought about the discovery that the structure was something that had been built from within.

Maybe some people were not ready for the idea that there was life within this earth. People were more intent on looking to the sky in order to see new life. All of this time it had been there beneath them very feet.

21 thoughts on “Beneath our feet

  1. Very smart reasoning in the end of your story. It’s true I think we look for life above us while not seeing or discovering what’s already here below us. Well written.

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