Blind date

This is my response to this week’s flash fiction for aspiring writers. In this hand you were given a picture and asked to write a story of 100 words to 150 words inspired by the image.

This weeks image has been provided by


My story is below:

– –

I can’t believe it had been a year ago since Jacob stood me up. I couldn’t have been happier that night, mainly because he my very first blind date.

And my last.

In all my excitement I knew I was going to be that lady in red that the song was all about. I was sure that I was going to take Jacob’s breath away when he saw me.

It was not to be. He never turned up, and I could still feel the heartbreak as it ripped through my fragile body. As I did back then, I laid my head on the table in despair.

At that moment, Jacob walked in the room, and gave me a knowing smile. “Still haven’t forgiven me then?”

I didn’t raise my head from the table. “Never, my love.”


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