Over a girl

This is my entry into this week’s midweek blues buster. Everybody is welcome to have a go at this, in fact, I encourage you to do so. All you have to do is post your entry into the comments section.

– –

Jasper looked around him at the small sanctuary that he had created for himself. He had been in hiding for several weeks, and yet his face was still plastered all over the news. Jasper did not agree with anything that had been written about him, because everybody had problems, did they not? The fact that he had problems should not have been a newsworthy item.

He was not on the run from the law; not yet anyway. It was all to do with him trying to bend the rules in order to get to a girl. If you did not bend the rules then you were always going to be second best, and, in this instance, second-best was just not good enough for him. Jasper had tried to use the art of deception in order to win the prize. The problem with that was that he had been found out. Nobody had wanted to treat him the same way after that, so Jasper found himself turning into a bit of a recluse.

All of this trouble caused by a girl. If it was not all stupid, then Jasper could have laughed. Instead he had to bite back the anger that seemed to boil in his very veins. Jasper was very glad that there was no mirror contained within this room because he was sure that he would look like his skin was the colour of molten lava. He wiped away the veil of sweat that seemed to cover his body every few minutes.

There was no way of telling when he was going to cease to be the subject of gossip. It would happen at some point; it just had to. Then, and only then, would he be able to face the people that he had once called friends. He was convinced that around this point he was going to get the girl he was dreaming of.

If only his plans had not gone all wrong and send those flimsy society walls crumbling around him. He sniffed defiantly, because now was not the time for self-pity. What was needed now was some kind of action to return to the spotlight being the number one he deserved to be. Jasper had danced his way out of many a situation before now, so all he to do was think.


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