The petting zoo

Nothing ever went right for Carl. In hindsight, he should not have been surprised when a trip to a local petting zoo ended up making the news.

Of course, everything had started going wrong for him when he had arrived at the airport earlier that day. He had missed his connecting flight because of issues at his first airport. That was not his fault, although he just accepted it was something that happened to him every day of his life. Mind you, things appear to be taking a turn for the better when he found himself paired with two strangers to make his onward journey. The airport paid for a taxi to take them to some local sites to pass the time before the next flight was available. Everything was going to be at their expense, which could not be frowned at.

And so, in the bar the three have become acquainted. Jenny, a partying young girl who was as shallow as the day was long. She did nothing but paint her nails and check her Facebook on her sleek mobile phone the entire time that they were talking. Carl instantly decided that he had no time for her, and he pretty much ignored her for the rest of their time despite her being incredibly pretty. Not so pretty, was the next girl, Willow. She was more studious than her shallow friend, and actually paid attention to all the things that were being told to her. Yes, she was definitely more of Carl’s sort of person. He actually found that he quite liked her.

The taxi took them to a petting zoo that was somewhere on the side of the road. Baby animals had to be the last thing that would ever interest Carl. He rolled his eyes that anything that came anywhere near cute, so a place called Ted’s cute and happy farm, was going to bring about the biggest eye roll that he had found himself giving. Mind you, Willow seemed to be up for this kind of thing and so he was going to follow without his usual social commentary.

All things seem to be going okay until he realised that the animals were paying slightly more interest to him than he was to them. The last thing that he wanted was to end up pinned down in a small enclosure that seemed to reek of animal droppings. All over his designer clothes that he had chosen for the important meeting he was going to. It was going to define his career, but now it seemed to smell of animal droppings along with the cold mud that filled the area.

Much to his disappointment, the two girls found this particularly amusing with their high-pitched laughing assaulting the eardrums. He scowled.

That was the moment that he lost it, and started making all kinds of noises in his effort to extract himself from the petting area. Of course, as they were baby animals, not much force was actually needed to do this. Certainly not the amount of force that he applied.

The laughter became screaming, but he did not even notice. He also failed to notice that the animals were no longer smothering him, but was scattered in the various corners of the enclosure. He did not actually notice anything until the police arrived to take him away.

Carl watched the news report from inside the cell that evening, but all he could think about was the fact that at least now he was clean. That, and the fact that Willow would never want to talk to him again. Good job they had been strangers before that morning. Less of a lost that way.

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