A gift

This is my entry into this week’s flash fiction for aspiring authors.

In this challenge you are given a photo and asked to write a piece of fiction between 100 and 150 words inspired by it.

This week’s picture has been provided by TJ Paris, thank you very much for doing it πŸ™‚ the image can be seen below:


My story is exactly 100 words this week!

– –

Dylan bounded up to me with the bright smile his face. β€œI got you these!”

β€œI hope you did not pick them out of somebody else’s garden, like last time, remember? We got in all kinds of trouble for that.”

He shook his blonde curls, and grinned at me. β€œI got them from that field.” As he pointed towards the space we both noticed a movement within the flowers. β€œEw! Bug!”

β€œIt is not a bug, but a butterfly. No! Dylan, don’t you dare squish…”

Sadly I was too late to save the butterfly from the hands of my nephew.

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