Get on board!

This is my entry into this week’s flash fiction for aspiring writers (FFfAW). In this challenge you are given a picture and asked to write a 100 to 150 words story inspired by the image.

This week’s image has being provided by Sonya.



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Maggie put down her suitcase with a thud as she stood on the dock. She placed her gloved hands on her hips and gave a withering look at her husband. “Dave, when you said we would be going on a boat I pictured something a little more glamorous.”

“It’s a boat, right?” Dave’s voice revealed his tiredness to anyone listening. It had been a long journey before they had reached the port, and, as usual, he had not done anything right during his trip. “Just get yourself on-board, Maggie.”

“There is no way that I would be seen dead on anything bright yellow!”

He huffed out an angry breath. “Maybe they will paint it for you.” He started to walk up the gangway, leaving her behind.

She stamped her foot childishly, and then she waited impatiently for him to disembark. He never did, and the boat sailed away without her.

21 thoughts on “Get on board!

  1. Hahahahaa! Bye Maggie! Wouldn’t we all have liked to do this to an annoying traveling companion. Now Dave will have a peaceful trip. Hopefully with lots of cocktails.

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  2. haha. That reminds me of when my dad rented a yellow car and my attempted to refuse to ride it. She did rode it ultimately, but very annoyed by its color… 😉 Very good.

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  3. I won’t say my wife and I have enacted this same scenario but both of us have acted childishly at times. Glad we’ve always been able to work through it and laugh afterwards- though I think my wife actually might like a yellow boat. Great story. You really did capture a lot of character in just a few words. But I do have a question. You said she put her gloved hands on their lips. Were there children present? Or is this a typo?

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