Life of Riley

This is my first ever attempt at Mondays finish the story. In this challenge you are asked to write a piece of flash fiction of between 100 and 150 words that go with the picture.

The picture we were given was this:


and the first line that the story was: “Now, this is the life of Riley.”

This is my story:

– –

“Now, this is living the life of Riley.”

Ruffle stretched lazily along her blue pillow when she heard the words. It was a gift to symbolise the fact that the heating had been turned on.

Ruffle really enjoyed this time of year, because there was usually a fire lit during those long cold evenings. The ones where the weather seemed to bash at the windows. This usually meant that she was not put outside, but instead her litter tray was brought in.

All she needed now, was for her human to put food right here so she didn’t have to move.

Now, that would be living the life of Riley.

23 thoughts on “Life of Riley

      1. Sorry! I wasn’t rubbing it in. At least, I didn’t mean to. For example, I’ve never seen seasons, the fall colors and snowfall, lightning bugs and fog… they’re all myths to me. I don’t know what it’s like to leave windows open and let cool, fresh air in because by the time our days are cool enough for it, our nights are frigid with 40 degree temperature swings. I’ll never be able to put a freshly carved pumpkin out more than two days before trick-or-treaters because it would wither from the heat. My yard consists of rocks because grass doesn’t do well and water restrictions make it impossible. What plants are there look like dead twigs during the summer heat (half of the year). .. I could go on forever. Trust me. You’re one of lucky ones.

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      2. I went over to Las Vegas in September last year, so I know exactly what kind of heat you are talking about. However, it is not exactly cool air that you would be getting into your window, it is absolutely freezing cold air! It is a very different kind of cold to what they get in say, Russia, because it is not a dry cold, like you have a dry heat in Vegas. Life here has its disadvantages, just the same as yours probably does… And pretty much everywhere else. Let’s just face it, life downright sucks!

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  1. I loved your imagery of the weather bashing at the window. Enjoyed your story. Welcome to the challenge hope to see your writings again.


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