Taking things literally

This is my entry into this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge. In this challenge you are given a picture and asked to write a short piece of fiction no longer than 200 words.

As usual, I have written a piece of exactly 200 words.

The picture we were given is:


My piece is below:

I can almost hear my mother’s words ringing in my head. “Georgina, it is just a hill just like any other out there. You need to start climbing and one day you are going to reach the top. When you do you can celebrate because it is downhill all the way from there.”

Of course, she had been speaking about the metaphorical ups and downs of life rather than an actual hill, or probably mountain, like the one that I found myself at the foot of now. Mind you, the advice stayed the same because just like the ups and downs of life this hill was merely an obstacle that I needed to overcome.

My team was just about ready to set off on this small climb that was preparation for bigger things to come. I had made no plans for the future because it was all dependent on how this expedition went.

There was no snow on the top of this mountain, which was a real shame because I would have bought some skis to enjoy that downhill rush that was so tantalisingly waiting for me.

“There is no other way to do this, team, so, let’s start climbing!”


11 thoughts on “Taking things literally

  1. Intriguing. For me it feels like it needs a bit more, something i.e. what happened next. Comes across as an introduction. Maybe a bit less at the start and an extra paragraph at the end? Dunno. Just thinking aloud. Thanks for sharing. See you next week 🙂

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