Monday journal

Before anybody points this out, I am well aware that today is Tuesday. I missed writing my journal yesterday because I was very busy, but I am going to make up for that now.

Well, the story a day prompts have finished and they gave me a great deal of joy. I loved all the differences between the prompts, and am quite proud of some of the things that I produced. I even gained a few followers during the month so I am quite happy with that.

As it is all finished with now my blog is likely to be quieter, so I will probably have to think of things that I should be publishing. Any ideas will be gratefully received, because, quite honestly, I am coming up dry when it comes to regular spots that I should be doing. How about you tell me about the things that you want me to talk about and I will give that a go. So, over to you guys!

I am still beavering away at my work in progress, and am thoroughly enjoying everything that I am doing on it. I really enjoyed doing my characters spotlights but I have actually done my three main characters and don’t really know which other ones need to be highlighted. Saying that, they generally went unread so I don’t even know if anybody enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. But, whatever, my life does not centre around my reader counts.

Of course, I do appreciate it when I see that my work has got a high number of views. I even mentioned this in my gratitude journal over the weekend. I am grateful that people are enjoying my work, but at the same time the fact that some of my work does not receive that attention does not really come away from the fact that I enjoyed doing it!

There really is not a lot else that I think I need to be talking about. I had my say about gun violence and the lack of control in America so I got that little bee out of my system. For now anyway.

I look forward to reading your suggestions about what you would like to see me post in the future 🙂

Until next time!


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