Child’s play 

This is my response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction challenge. In this challenge you are given a picture to use to inspire a story of around 200 words.

As usual I have written a piece that is exactly 200 words in length.

This is the picture that we were given:


When I was a child at school I used to run about and kick at the falling leaves so that they went in all kinds of directions. In never once crossed my mind to wonder why there were always neatly piled against the wall of the playground when I went outside.

Now that I am the janitor of the local primary school I know that daily task of sweeping up those leaves so that they sit against the wall. As I was brushing them up I did wonder to myself why I did not try to pick them up and take them away. I know that under all these health and safety regulations that the leaves are slippy and considered dangerous. However, as far as I am concerned this is all just a bunch of nonsense that has been decided by people sitting behind a desk.

Obviously, these people do not remember the simple joy of kicking leaves along the playground when they were young. These were the best days of our lives, and I am not about to steal that joy from a child just because some pen pusher wants me to do it.

I smile as recess began.

23 thoughts on “Child’s play 

  1. Aha the inner rebel. I share the memories of kicking leaves and being slightly disappointed when they were too wet and the leaves refused to fly! Nice fiction.

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  2. Such an understanding janitor, leavingg the leaves for the children’s play and kicking fun! Sometimes you just have to ignore the pen pushers, especially if you are an “all knowing leaf kicker” yourself. Great story!


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