Six word story: Discovery

This is my response to the challenge found on sometimes stellar story teller.


X really did mark the spot!

11 thoughts on “Six word story: Discovery

  1. Hi Angie! Thanks so much for sharing about yourself & your writing life & achievements. I would not laugh at your mistakes…Would I? Doesn’t seem nice unless it was a hilarious & somehow ticklish error, maybe? I’d love to hear more from you, and I look forward to searching out your stories inside the anthologies. I thought I’d clicked on something asking for a Six Word Story, and my contribution is this: “Almost had to go over there.” by Laurie Fisher. Personally I find my Six Word Story to be hilarious in the context I’m thinking of, but I wonder how others feel if they can’t know my context due to restriction of only 6 words. What do you think? – LF

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