Story a day: red roses

This is my attempt at our very last prompt for this September. I have absolutely enjoyed doing this month of writing prompts.

Having said that, today’s prompt was the kind that I do not particularly like because it was so specific. Luckily, I had a very good idea of what I wanted to do, so, I went with it.

Today’s prompt was:

The Prompt

Jeff  was walking to the parking garage after work when he comes upon a flower stand full of beautiful roses. Jeff decides to buy a dozen roses for his lover. 

This is my story:

– –

Jeff decided that he needed to find himself some form of break. He was in desperate need of a piece of luck, because absolutely nothing was going in his general direction. He seemed to annoy more people than needed please them, and he really needed to change direction. There was no way of knowing how exactly he was going to go about this.

That was until he went to get his car from the parking garage after work. He went that way every single day, but this appeared to be the first time that he noticed the flower seller sitting by the corner. He found himself lost in the beautiful display of coloured petals that he saw surrounding the stand.

An idea began to form itself within his mind, and he began to smile. He reached into his pocket and made sure that he had enough money in that wallet to buy what he was looking at. Red roses. Yes, a dozen red roses was going to set him on the path that he needed to be on. He handed over the money with trembling hands, because he could not believe that things were finally looking up. He almost skipped to his car.

When he reached his house, Jeff picked up the flowers to carry them in with a flourish. “Honey, I’m home!”

Alison looked in from the kitchen and frowned when she saw the flowers. “Ugh, why have you gone and done something stupid like that? You know full well that I am allergic.” She stomped into the hallway and made to grab at the flowers so that she could throw them in the trash.

Jeff snatched his hand backwards. “I like them. They are going to bring me good luck, so don’t you dare remove them.”

She dried her hands on her apron, and then grabbed her coat. “Then I will just have to remove myself!” Alison stared at Jeff for a moment like she was expecting him to argue with her. When he remained silent she just let out a noise of frustration before leaving the house.

As he walked into the lounge to sit on the armchair that she normally sat in, he could almost feel his luck beginning to change. He turned on the football, and relaxed into the peace and quiet that he had thought he would never get on a Wednesday night.

Thank you red roses!

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