This is my entry into this week’s midweek blues buster challenge.


– –

It was a rainy afternoon, which was probably a strange time to be out working the streets, but, you know, beggars can’t be chooses and all that jazz. Not that I was really that desperate for money, I guess. I mean, I was getting by and there was food on my table, so, in theory, I was doing okay for a nineteen-year-old that had no qualifications. Well, no official type qualifications anyway.

No, I was doing okay but then I was not just looking out for myself. There was also the question of my mother who was living with me because she had nowhere else to go. I needed the tips that the men were giving me in order to keep us both.

I pushed the dripping wet hair out of my face and turned to look into the street to see if there were any signs of any customers. Or the police, because I did not want to get caught, again. It was then that I noticed the man just staring at me. He was easily twice my age, but there was no telling what a person’s preference was going to be when it comes to age. Maybe he just wanted them young. Who was I to judge?

I sauntered up his side and leaned against him suggestively. “Want some company or something like that?”

He smirked at me. “Something like that,” he replied as he trailed his fingers down my side to the hem of my black miniskirt.

Obviously he was not as worried about law enforcement as me.

“Easy soldier,” I whispered to him. “How about we go somewhere a bit more… Private?”

“I am only here for one night, so I have a motel room nearby that we can, shall we say, use?” He licked his lips as he spoke, and produced a key from his pocket that he waved in my face. “Coming?” He pressed himself against me as he started to walk in the direction of the cheap motel. “It will be dry as well, but I don’t exactly mind the rain.”

The motel was your typically seedy dive that nobody noticed a man walking in with a girl half of his age. I very much doubt that it was not apparent what my job actually was because of the way that I was dressed. Mind you, it was not like I cared about anything anymore.

He pulled me into a room and instantly pushed me onto my knees. I knew my job well enough to know exactly what he wanted from me, and I proceeded to give it to him willingly. It was not until I had his manhood between my lips that he told me that I reminded him of another girl he had met in the same area twenty years previously. He told me that this girl had not charged him for the night, but he had never seen her again. He told me that he had always regretted that fact.

In absolute horror, I spat him out my mouth. Realisation began to sink in and I really wanted to go and be sick.

“What’s wrong?”

There must have been a great deal of mortification in my face as I simply said, “I think that I have just sucked off my father!”


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